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無盡的夏日  之後 一切便再也不能回頭 那是潮汐、風、湧浪與岩石 組合各種可能的無限複雜波浪 遁世者  厭世者 夢想者 追逐海浪的愚者 感受恐懼帶來的強大 享受反覆無止的瘋狂 直到完美



After an endless summer
A new love for a lifetime

The tide, wind, and rocks
Combine to create an infinite pattern of waves

Recluses, the world-weary, and dreamers
All chasing the waves

Feeling the power and pull of fear
Enjoying repeated madness till perfection is attained

A Mecca for Outdoor Aficionados Awaits
at Green Bay & Jhongjiao Bay
Green Bay is located between Jinshan and Keelung. The area offers the most complete water recreation area on the north coast and is a mecca for water-sports aficionados. Visitors can enjoy world-class surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, or relax with sunbathing or a walk on the beach. Camping is also allowed in the area, offering visitors a chance to walk on moonlight beaches as they listen to the sound of the surf. 
Nearby Jhongjiao Bay is another well-known surfing spot. The crescent-shaped bay boasts a sandy beach and steady northern winds that blow in whitecaps year-round. This intermediate surfing area fills up on weekends and holidays with surfers coming to ride the wind and waves. In addition to surfing, stand-up paddling activities are also available, with many clubs offering board rentals and instruction. For both beginners and the experienced, the joys of surfing can be found here. 
Although summer is usually considered the best time to visit,
in terms of surfing,
local surfers all agree that autumn and winter are actually the peak surfing times for Taiwan’s north coast.


衝浪禮儀Surfing Etiquette


Before surfing, there are a few rules that you need to know to keep yourself and others safe!


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