A Day in the Great Outdoors
山巒起伏 潮水漲落
無所從來 亦無所去



山行的侍者 漂浪的愚者
每次旅行都是期盼 更深刻的靈魂歸來

Undulating hills and water
Neither coming nor going

Hiking is like exploring a hidden path in the heart
While chasing the waves begets inner reflection 

Escaping the confines of daily life and habit
We become aware of everything inside and outside of us 

For hikers and surfers
Every trip brings an expectation of a deeper connection with the soul
步行之旅 金包里古道(魚路古道)

Relive History on the Jinbaoli Historic Trail
(Fish Road Historic Trail)

Relive history on this scenic and historic trail. During Japan’s colonial rule, the gravel path that was the Jinbaoli Trail was the only way to transport fish, tea, and sulfur from Jinshan through the surrounding mountains to market in Taipei. Before daybreak, fishermen would walk the night’s catch over Yangmingshan and through Shanzihou before arriving in Shilin. After selling their catch, they would return by the same path. Day after day, year after year, generation after generation, this rhythm was the same, with the Jinbaoli Trail flourishing as a result.  

Today the Jinbaoli historic trail is one of the 12 trails under the administration of Yangmingshan National Park. From Yangmingshan’s Huang Creek parking lot, it takes about two hours to reach Qingtiangang. Along the way, visitors will encounter lush forests and grasslands as far as the eye can see. Traces of old pottery pipes formerly used to transport Jinshan’s white sulfur can still be  seen, their remains a testament of the importance of the trail to the region’s economy in days past.

步道長度 Trail Length(公里 / km)
所需時間 Hiking Time (分鐘 / mins)
探訪綿延的荒野 獅頭山公園步道

Explore the Wilds of Taiwan on the Shitoushan Park Trail


A secluded trail from which abandoned military fortifications can be seen. Located on the north coast of Jinshan Cape, the Shitoushan Park Trail winds at an altitude of around 70m. The area used to be an important military base on the north coast and was thus off limits for decades. As a result, today the area features an ecology untouched by human development. In the spring, Formosa Lilies can be seen growing on the cliffs and, in autumn, the native Golden Spider Lilly booms. Regardless of the season, however, stunning views can be had year-round. 

While hiking the trail, abandoned military barracks, cannons, and fortifications can be seen peeking out of the foliage. The trail follows the Jinshan Cape as it gradually slopes to the sea. To the east are the fantastical rock formations of Yeliu. To the west, the view is of Huanggang Harbor and Zhongjiao Mountain. At the trail’s finish are the Twin Candlestick Islets which were formed over 6 million years ago and are today considered one of the “Eight Sights of Jinshan.” 
步道長度 Trail Length(公里 / km)
所需時間 Hiking Time (分鐘 / mins)

追隨者  步行者 山行者

一步一步  日復一日  踩踏錘鍊的演化
在那一場又一場的步行之旅   把路徑變得更好
On trails of breathtaking scenery
A deep admiration for the pioneers that came before us

Tourists, hikers, and mountain climbers
All arrive with a humble heart
And a desire for solitude

Step after step, day after day, the trails become smoother
Hike after hike, the paths more welcoming


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