The Outdoors is Only a Stone's Throw Away
For mountain and sea lovers,Jinshan is the perfect place to leave behind the bustle of the city.
Set off whenever you want, it only takes a few hours to get here.
Surrounded by mountains and the sea, the Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring area is known for its magical coastline. Through centuries of wind, rain, and waves, the rocks scattered along the beaches have been molded into intriguing, sometimes fantastical shapes. Some are honeycombed, some shaped like candles or tofu, while others have been hollowed out and offer dark depths to explore. As you drive along the coast, the sea’s salty breeze and the sound of waves follow you; the endless tide tells an ancient story, its words found in the rocks that fill the beaches below.
Go Freestyle! Explore Jinshan at your pace and itinerary. From Jinshan’s Jhongjiao Bay to Wanli Dingliao Beach, the distance is around 7.5km. Huangqing Bridge, Chinshan Youth Activity Center, and Shui Wei Fishing Port—each stop along the way offers something unique and different. Over the course of their trip, visitors will find themselves treated to panoramic sea views, fantastic beaches, idyllic fishing villages, and a gentle sea breeze carrying the taste of the sea. When tired, visitors can enjoy the area’s many hot springs. All in all, a trip around Jinshan Wanli means amazing views and intriguing local culture.
Sweet potatoes are a food that every Taiwanese has grown up with. They can be grilled, steamed, fried, boiled, and even made into sweets. Regardless of how one chooses to eat them, their taste remains unpretentious and yet irresistible. Sweet potatoes are a major crop of Jinshan, which is home to the famous No. 57 yellow sweet potato and the No. 66 red sweet potato harvested every year from July to September. Because of the area’s proximity to the Tatun volcanic group, the soil is partly sandy with traces of salt thanks to the sea breeze that blows year-round. Water comes from the springs under Yangmingshan giving the sweet potatoes an especially sweet and mellow taste. 
The Wanli Crab is one of Wanli District’s most popular seafood brands. The brand features three types of crabs—the stone crab, flower crab, and three-spotted crab—all of which are caught by Wanli fishermen off the coast of New Taipei City’s Fuguijiao. Only Wanli Crabs can be tied up with the brand’s distinctive neon green nylon cord and green bow. Local restaurants each have their own way of choosing the best crabs. Cooking methods vary, but tend towards the simple to highlight the freshness of the crabs. With their firm texture and fresh and sweet taste, the crabs are autumn delicacy not to be missed. 


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