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一路靠北  向自由  出發去

日常停滯  工作冗忙
狗兒太黏人 貓咪又過於冷淡
此時若不出發 更待何時

Daybreak of another beautiful summer day
Who knows this beauty? 

Heading north
Heading to freedom
I’m ready to go!

When the world stops turning
Daily life stagnates, work becomes overwhelming
Dogs are too clingy; cats are too aloof
Within an urban existence, unease and worry prevail
If you don’t go this time, then when?  
金山萬里溫泉鄉-依山而行 傍海之旅
 A Trip Among Mountains and the Sea
Traveling north towards Taiwan’s northwest corner along the No. 2 Coastal Highway, the road cuts through verdant mountains until it reaches the Anzhong and Aodi Bridges. There the scenery opens up, with the sea appearing as an endless field of blue shifting in the wind and tide. It’s a view that seems to cleanse the mind and spirit. Next stop is Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring, which is right around the corner.
Nearby Jhongjiao Bay is another well-known surfing spot. The crescent-shaped bay boasts a sandy beach and steady northern winds that blow in whitecaps year-round. This intermediate surfing area fills up on weekends and holidays with surfers coming to ride the wind and waves. In addition to surfing, stand-up paddling activities are also available, with many clubs offering board rentals and instruction. For both beginners and the experienced, the joys of surfing can be found here. 

Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring faces the sea and is bracketed by mountains on three sides. Being in proximity to both mountains and the sea means the area’s visitors have a wealth of touring options to choose from. The area has long been known for its healing properties and is one of the reasons that visitors come on a regular basis. Another large attraction is the region’s uniquely shaped rock outcroppings—their fantastical shapes a testament to the geological transformations of this region over millennium. 

After a hike, the area’s hot springs are an attraction not to be missed. They serve as a great place to sooth tired muscles, relax the mind, and dissolve the worries of the world. In terms of healing, their benefits are unmistakable.

Travel is a wonderful thing in which to indulge.
Removing ourselves from the confinements of the familiar and habitual,
as well as the turbulence of our lives, we naturally return to a more peaceful state of mind.


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